Ensuring Trust and Confidentiality for Adaptive Video Streaming in ICN

Fawad Khan and Hui Li

105 539.539-547


Abstract :With the dissemination of huge amount of video contentover the internet, information centric networking (ICN) hasemerged as a potential candidate to effectively exploit it and improvethe QoS. ICN decouples content from its location by caching,which can later be retrieved by consumers from their nearest locations.Various experimental studies have depicted the performancemerits of dynamic adaptive streaming via HTTP (DASH) over ICNfor improving QoS. However, there are two challenges that needto be addressed in the context of DASH over an ICN environment.The first one from content consumer domain is that the relevance,integrity, and provenance (RIP) of content should be guaranteed.RIP ensures trust establishment between publisher and consumerof content. The second one that concerns the content publisher isthe confidentiality of DASH media, so that any consumer can viewthe particular quality or resolution of video based on his designatedprivileged rights. We address these two mentioned issues with thecontext of DASH over ICN. The performance and security analysisof our scheme depict its effectiveness for enforcing access control ofadaptive streaming media in an ICN environment.​ 

Index terms :Confidentiality, information centric, name based trust, provenance, scalable media.