A Reliable and Efficient Forwarding Strategy in Vehicular Named Data Networking

Danxia Li, Tian Song, Yating Yang, and Islam Rafiq Ul



Abstract :Vehicular named data networking (VNDN) has the datacentricand in-network caching advantages that are in line withthe requirements of multi-hop content retrieval in vehicular ad hocnetworks (VANETs). Some current restrictive forwarding strategiesutilize single-path forwarding to mitigate the Interest broadcaststorm in VNDN. However, these strategies do not provide anyreliable mechanism for Interest and Data forwarding to address theproblem of low performance caused by the dynamic and unreliableVANETs communication environment. In this paper, we propose apacket forwarding strategy based on optimal and backup (PFOB)for VNDN. For Interest, PFOB establishes a single-path forwardingwith high reliability and reachability by increasing the signalstrength and node-degree criterion and retransmission mechanism.For Data, PFOB provides a reliable multi-path backup forwardingmechanism without additional network overhead. Simulationresults show that PFOB can effectively improve the Interest satisfactionratio, reduce the number of application retransmissions,and reduce the Interest satisfaction delay compared to the currentstrategies.​ 

Index terms :Named data networking, reliable forwarding strategy, vehicular ad hoc networks.