EVC-TDMA: An Enhanced TDMA Based Cooperative MAC Protocol for Vehicular Networks

Tianjiao Zhang and Qi Zhu

109 316.316-325


Abstract :In order to optimize the communication mechanism in the vehicular adHoc networks (VANETs), this paper presents an enhanced TDMA based cooperative MAC protocol called EVCTDMA. In EVC-TDMA, when the vehicles need to transmit multihop messages, they choose relay nodes dynamically according to the relative speeds and buffer lengths. By monitoring the broadcasting messages, the other nodes can know the buffer lengths of the relay nodes, they will help transmit the relay messages when their buffer are idle or less. Considering the data arrive follows a Poison Point Process, this paper analyzes the nodes’ buffer length based on a two-dimension Markov process. The simulation results show that EVC-TDMA can reduce the dropping rate and improve the throughput of the network.

Index terms :Cooperative communication, multi-hop relay, TDMA, VANETs.