Design and Implementation of Trusted Sensing Framework for IoT Environment

Sungjin Park, Jaemin Park, and Jisoo Oh



Abstract :Even though Internet of things (IoT) sensing services are introduced in a wide range of areas, it is not applicable to missioncritical services due to the lack of the trustworthiness of the IoT sensing data. To address this problem, we propose TruSense, a novel trusted sensing framework for the IoT environment that covers end-to-end implementation from an IoT device to a cloud service. The TruSense framework includes a small sensing board, a communication protocol, and a cloud service for the trusted sensing in the IoT environment. To show our framework’s feasibility, we design an ARM TrustZone-based IoT sensing board and implement an application and a trusted sensing service running in the Secure world. We also implement a cloud service for the trusted sensing in Google app engine, which is one of the widely used cloud services. 

Index terms :ARM TrustZone, cloud computing, trusted sensing.