5G NR mmWave Indoor Coverage with Massive Antenna System

Syed Hassan Raza Naqvi, Pin Han Ho, and Limei Peng

112 1.1-11


Abstract :In this paper, we introduce a novel mmWave access architecture, called mmWave over cable (mmWoC), for achieving effective indoor coverage, which is characterized by using an analog modulated relay link to transport the outdoor mmWave signals to the indoors. To enable an effective mapping of radio signals on the cable sub-carriers, we introduce non-configurable air-to-cable (NC-A2C) scheduler that is characterized by its low control complexity and hardware requirement. We will discuss the merits of the proposed mmWoC access architecture and the NC-A2C scheduler, which are further validated via extensive simulations. 

Index terms :mmWave, mmWave indoor coverage, mmWave small cell (SC), mmWave wireless over cable (mmWoC).