Video Streaming over HTTP/2: Design and Evaluation of Adaptive Server-Paced Push

Huei-Wen Ferng, Shan-Hsiang Shen, and Chih-Wei Lai



Abstract :​By using the server push of the hypertext transfer protocol(HTTP) version 2.0, i.e., HTTP/2, along with the techniqueof server pacing, a novel scheme is proposed in this paper to delivervideo segments. Furthermore, the load of bitrate adaptationis shifted to the server to avoid bandwidth competition and wastagecaused by bitrate switching. It can be explicitly shown that no significantoverhead is brought by our proposed scheme via complexityanalysis. Moreover, our proposed scheme generates one HTTPrequest only. With extensive simulations, we successfully demonstratethat it is superior over the closely related schemes in termsof the average achievable bitrate, the number of buffer stalls, theratio of unclaimed pushes, etc., in particular, when a harsh networkcondition arises.​ 

Index terms :Adaptive, Bitrate adaptation, HTTP/2, server pacing, server push, video streaming.