Achievable Zero-Error Rate Regions using Novel Location Assisted Coding (LAC) for Short Range FSO Communications

Thuan Nguyen, Duong Nguyen-Huu, and Thinh Nguyen

115 237.237-249


Abstract :Recent free-space optical (FSO) communication technologies have demonstrated the feasibility of building WiFO, a high capacity indoor wireless network using the femtocell architecture. In this paper, we introduce a cooperative transmission framework using location assisted coding (LAC) technique to increase the overall wireless capacity. For a given network topology, LAC provides three different schemes with different coding/decoding procedures. Based on these schemes, achievable zero-error rate regions for WiFO using LAC will be characterized. Both numerical and theoretical analyses are given to validate the proposed coding schemes. 

Index terms :Achievable rate regions, coding, free space optical communication, wireless network.