Coordinated Beamforming, Interference-Aware Power Control, and Scheduling Framework for 6G Wireless Networks

Yongjae Kim, Bang Chul Jung, and Youngnam Han



Abstract :In this study, we propose a novel sum-rate enhancement framework for future 6G multi-cell multiple-input multipleoutput (MIMO) uplink networks, which exploits the coordinated beamforming, power control, and user scheduling (CBPS) technique. The proposed CBPS technique not only significantly mitigates the inter-cell interference in transmit beamforming for users but also eliminates the intra-cell interference among the users in the same cell the receive beamforming at base stations (BSs). Additionally, we propose a user scheduling algorithm that selects the users whose effective channel vectors are mutually orthogonal to each other to increase the spectral efficiency and an interference-aware power control technique for users to further reduce inter-cell interference. It is worth noting that the proposed CBPS framework does not require information exchange among the BSs and operates in a non-iterative and distributed manner based on local channel state information (CSI) at both the BSs and users. Thus, it can be implemented for practical wireless systems with low complexity. Extensive simulation results show that the proposed CBPS framework significantly outperforms conventional techniques in multi-cell environments.  

Index terms :Coordinated beamforming, interference management, MIMO, power control, 6G, user scheduling algorithm.