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Fixed Relays for Next Generation Wireless Systems - System Concept and Performance Evaluation

This work presents a concept and the related analysis of the traffic performance for a wireless broadband system based on fixed relay stations acting as wireless bridges. The analysis focuses on the important performance indicators end-to-end throughput and delay, taking into account the effects of an automated repeat request protocol. An extension to aMAC frame based access protocol like IEEE 802.11e, 802.15.3, 802.16a, and HIPERLAN2 is outlined and taken as basis for the calculations. The system is intended for both dense populated areas as an overlay to cellular radio systems and to provide wide-area broadband coverage. The two possible deployment scenarios for both dense urban and wide-area environments are introduced. Analytical and validating simulation results are shown, proving the suitability of the proposed concept for both of the mentioned scenarios. It is established that the fixed relaying concept is well suited to substantially contribute to provide high capacity cellular broadband radio coverage in next generation (NG) cellular wireless broadband systems.