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Performance Analysis of Multi-antennas Combining and Selection Schemes for Wireless-Powered Communication

"In this paper, we propose a non-greedy punctur- ing method for constructing binary rate-compatible low-density parity-check codes. First, we show that the recovery error prob- ability for a punctured variable node can be reduced by allocat- ing a small number of unpunctured variable nodes in the recovery tree. Then, we redefine the recovery tree according to the princi- ple of iterative decoding with the sum-product algorithm. The pro- posed non-greedy puncturing algorithm lies mainly in the dynam- ical minimization of the number of unpunctured variable nodes in the redefined recovery tree for the punctured variable nodes. Fi- nally, simulation results show that the proposed puncturing algo- rithm outperforms the existing best puncturing algorithms in bit error rate performances of iterative decoding."