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Bus-Based Content Offloading for Vehicular Networks

Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) represent the promising technologies for comfort driving and infotainment applications which rely heavily on the content offloading. Due to the rapid change of network topology and intermittent connection, it is a big challenge to satisfy the content requests from multi-sedans at the same time. This paper proposes a bus-based content offloading (BBCO) algorithm which aims to maximize the volume of offloaded content from bus to sedans while the offloading opportunity fairness of each sedan is also taken into consideration. By predicting the number of buses which the sedan would encounter in its future path and estimating the transmission rate, the BBCO algorithm schedules the content offloading service for sedans slot by slot to maximize the offloaded content volume and guarantee the offloading opportunity fairness. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithm is evaluated by extensive simulations.