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Fast Packet Classification for V2X Services in 5G Networks

Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) is one of the key applica- tions of upcoming 5G systems. The 5G systems are highly antici- pated to adopt software defined network/network function virtual- ization technology in their core networks as it provides high flexi- bility and maintainability. However, if the flow tables in switches, called OpenFlow switches, overflow due to excessive policy rules, the networks suffer from large packet delay and frequent packet drops, and fail to support V2X services. To resolve this issue, we propose a new packet classification algorithm that runs fast even with the huge number of policy rules. There is the minimal concern for the overflow in our scheme since it is a pure software-based ap- proach. Furthermore, simulation results show that our algorithm enjoys both the fast packet classification speed and the short policy update time. Thus, our scheme is very suitable for highly dynamic environments like 5G networks.