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Algebra and Algorithms for Multipath QoS Routing in Link State Networks

"The diversity of quality-of-service (QoS) requirements of Internet applications motivates various QoS routing algorithms that take different QoSmetrics into consideration. Routing algebra has been proposed as a framework to study the fundamental properties of QoS routing algorithms, such as their optimality and loopfreeness. However, for multipath QoS routing, little has been done in these aspects. Existing multipath QoS routing algorithms often take a rather conservative approach to guarantee loop-freeness, at the cost of efficiency. On the other hand, simply adapting existing efficient multipath routing algorithms to support various QoS metrics cannot guarantee correctness. In face of that, we propose a routing metric algebra for multipath QoS routing in link state networks, where a key property of the routing metrics called isotonicity, which plays an important role. To let routers efficiently and correctly find multiple next-hops for each destination, we also develop two distributed multipath QoS routing algorithms. The algorithms are run locally and independently, without exchanging messages other than the basic link states. They are specifically tailored for algebras with strict or non-strict isotonicity, and their correctness is formally proved."