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Cloud Radio Access Network: Virtualizing Wireless Access for Dense Heterogeneous Systems

Cloud radio access network (C-RAN) refers to the virtualization of base station functionalities by means of cloud computing. This results in a novel cellular architecture in which low-cost wireless access points, known as radio units or remote radio heads, are centrally managed by a reconfigurable centralized ˇ°cloudˇ±, or central, unit. C-RAN allows operators to reduce the capital and operating expenses needed to deploy and maintain dense heterogeneous networks. This critical advantage, along with spectral effi- ciency, statistical multiplexing and load balancing gains, make CRAN well positioned to be one of the key technologies in the development of 5G systems. In this paper, a succinct overview is presented regarding the state of the art on the research on C-RAN with emphasis on fronthaul compression, baseband processing, medium access control, resource allocation, system-level considerations and standardization efforts.