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DrivingStyles: A Mobile Platform for Driving Styles and Fuel Consumption Characterization

"Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) rely on connected vehicle applications to address real-world problems. Research is currently being conducted to support safety, mobility and environmental applications. This paper presents the DrivingStyles architecture, which adopts data mining techniques and neural networks to analyze and generate a classification of driving styles and fuel consumption based on driver characterization. In particular, we have implemented an algorithm that is able to characterize the degree of aggressiveness of each driver. We have also developed a methodology to calculate, in real-time, the consumption and environmental impact of spark ignition and diesel vehicles from a set of variables obtained from the vehicle¡¯s electronic control unit (ECU). In this paper, we demonstrate the impact of the driving style on fuel consumption, as well as its correlation with the greenhouse gas emissions generated by each vehicle. Overall, our platform is able to assist drivers in correcting their bad driving habits, while offering helpful tips to improve fuel economy and driving safety."