Information for Authors

JCN accepts double column FULL papers of over 8 pages only that follow the standard of JCN (or similar IEEE) publication format. The manuscript must be formatted in any kind of LaTex source and you should upload its PDF version. JCN is indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) and Scopus. Download JCN Submission Template and Author’s Check List.

For your checking of the page length, submitted papers, in English, should be concisely written and the length should not exceed 20 double-spaced, single-sided pages (12 pt. font, 26 lines per page) excluding tables and figures. Manuscripts exceeding these guidelines may be returned to the authors. Each manuscript must be accompanied by a 75-200 words abstract and a list of about 5 index terms.

Introductory discussion should be kept to a minimum and material published elsewhere should be referenced, not reproduced. Material not essential to the continuity of the text should be placed in Appendices.

Formulas must be numbered. Figures must be numbered and referred to in the text, with captions typed on separate sheets in the same format as the main text. Tables must be numbered and referred to in the text. Each table, with caption, must be typed on a separate sheet. References must be numbered in the order of occurrence and referred to in the text by bracketed numbers. The list of references must be typed on separate sheets, in the same format as the main text, and ordered consecutively. Each reference item should include the author(s), title, journal name, volume, number, pages, month, year, and publisher, as applicable.

All manuscript submissions must be in electronic format. Authors should submit the manuscript for publication consideration in electronic file (LaTex) via JCN website ( to an appropriate Division Editor. If successfully uploaded, the web-based paper processing system will automatically reply with an acknowledgement of receipt. Further information is available by activating the Click here to submit a new manuscript icon in the JCN website:

Papers that have been published or submitted to other journals, conferences, or books will not be considered for publication in the JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKS. Revised or extended versions of papers printed in conference, workshop, or symposium proceedings may be submitted to this Journal, with an appropriate cover note.

Download Publishing and Manuscript Ethics Bylaws

It is the policy of the KICS to own the copyright to the technical contributions it publishes. Authors are required to obtain company clearance before submission. Authors may make their papers available on their own www sites, with acknowledgement of the KICS copyright.

After a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the author will be requested to pay a mandatory page charge of $90 per printed page to cover part of the cost of publication. For papers in excess of six printed pages, a mandatory page charge of $150 per printed page will be requested for the printed pages beyond six pages. Detailed instructions will accompany the payment request. (The new rule for page charges takes effect for papers submitted after February 1, 2006). Electronic versions of the publication present and past will be available to paid subscribers on the JCN Web site.