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JCN invites submission of high-quality papers in the areas of Communication Theory and Systems, Wireless Communications, and Networks and Services.

A prospective author should submit the manuscript for publication consideration in electronic file (pdf) via JCN ScholarOne Manuscripts website ( to an appropriate Division Editor (for regular papers) or to any Guest Editor of an appropriate Special Issue. (Special Issues may include regular papers to avoid unnecessary publication delays.)

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The emergence of software defined networking (SDN), whose key features include separation between the data-plane and the control-plane and logically centralized network control, has potential to completely reshape the field of computer networking. Going beyond conceptual models, the existing deployment of SDN in major data centers (e.g., Google and Microsoft data centers) has demonstrated the substantial gain and flexibility of SDN. However, the existing initiatives of SDN focus mostly on wireline networks such as data center networks, service provider networks, and enterprise networks. Given the substantial potential of SDN, it is imperative that we develop a better understanding of the potential benefits and issues of applying SDN to wireless networks, including networks such as cellular networks, mobile ad hoc networks, and cyber-physical networks. The objective of this special issue is to invite authors to submit original manuscripts that demonstrate and explore current advances in various aspects of SDN in wireless networks, including but not limited to:

Continuing JCN’s tradition of fast turnaround together with full peer reviews, a tentative schedule is set as follows:

July 1, 2017
Electronic manuscript (.ps or .pdf) submission to JCN website [An earlier note to editors with intent to submit will be appreciated.]
August 20, 2017
Reviews returned to authors. Papers will be either accepted, rejected, or returned to the authors with requests for changes
September 15, 2017
Final revised manuscript due
October 31, 2017
Special Issue published

Dr. Derya Cansever, Army Research Laboratory, USA,

Dr. Sastry Kompella, Naval Research Laboratory, USA,

Prof. Leandros Tassiulas, Yale University, USA,

Electronic submissions should be made through Information for authors is available on the JCN web site, http:/ The manuscript should be formatted in LaTex file and uploaded in PDF version, and its length should be greater than 8 pages in double column. Please direct inquiries and intent to submit notifications to the Lead Guest Editor (email:

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