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JCN invites submission of high-quality papers in the areas of Communication Theory and Systems, Wireless Communications, and Networks and Services.

A prospective author should submit the manuscript for publication consideration in electronic file (pdf) via JCN ScholarOne Manuscripts website ( to an appropriate Division Editor (for regular papers) or to any Guest Editor of an appropriate Special Issue. (Special Issues may include regular papers to avoid unnecessary publication delays.)

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Upcoming Special Issues



Connected vehicle is one of the key technologies for safer and more efficient transportation systems. Vehicle-to- Everything (V2X) communications including Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) have attracted much attention in the last decade, and the standardization effort for vehicular communications has led to the development of IEEE 802.11p and discussions about 5G-enabled V2X solutions. Despite a number of initiatives, research works, and tests, there are still questions and concerns about how to provide reliable and scalable low latency connectivity, design secure and robust systems, and about the development of applications for improved safety and cooperative driving. The aim of this special issue is to present state-of-the-art technologies in V2X communications and networks, recent development in standardizations and policies, and attractive services. The Special Issue includes (but not limited to) the following topics of interest:

Continuing JCN’s tradition of fast turnaround together with full peer reviews, a tentative schedule is set as follows:

October 31, 2016
Electronic manuscript (.ps or .pdf) submission to JCN website [An earlier note to editors with intent to submit will be appreciated.]
March 10, 2017
Reviews returned to authors. Papers will be either accepted, rejected, or returned to the authors with requests for changes
April 10, 2017
Final revised manuscript due
June 5, 2017
Special Issue published

Prof. Fredrik Tufvesson, Lund University, Sweden,

Prof. Changhee Joo, UNIST, Republic of Korea,

Prof. Young-June Choi, Ajou University, Republic of Korea,

Prof. Han-You Jeong, Pusan National University, Republic of Korea,

Prof. Junbeom Hur, Korea University, Republic of Korea,

Electronic submissions should be made through the JCN website, where the Information about submission guidelines is available. The manuscript should be formatted in LaTex file and uploaded in PDF version, and its length should be greater than 8 pages in double column. Please direct inquiries and intent to submit notifications to the Lead Guest Editor (email:

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